Video surveillance, Software-as-a-Service, state-of-the-art

As simple as you want
as complex as you need

Live stream IP cameras, record, watch the recordings. Simple as 1, 2, 3—on the first view. Closer look fascinates by scale and smart, carefully thought over details. They are what differ professionalism and true dedication from superficiality and mediocracy.

Police Departments

Observe interrogations (must be cheaper than that one-side-transparent mirror 🙂 ). Detectives value security, marks, reports, and hardware controls.

Medical education institutions

Supervise patient consultations with PhD students, for quality assurance and second opinion. They also record simulations, e.g. of nursery skills. Doctors like permission control, schedule, and scalability.

Child advocacy organizations

Monitor kid interviews, to not frighten them by a concilium. Some recordings go to police. CD burn, reports, and statistics are helpful here.

HD Video streaming

Live video from 9 IP cameras on one screen. Pan, tilt, zoom. Speak through the camera to the room where it’s installed. On big screens in auditoriums you spot fine details on the video—that’s the quality. Cameras are industry standard, mainly Axis, the market leader.

Record & watch

Record video and audio from multiple cameras and microphones with perfect AV sync. Zoom in to especially good or problematic moments on the video. Create clips, e.g. main mistakes in nursery training for reflection.

Security & permission control

SSL and RTMPS encryption protect client-server data and video streams. LDAP integration. Severe access control. E.g. in medical PhD training, students must not access other students’ videos. Otherwise, they’d gathered other patients’ sensitive information. And supervisors must access the videos of their students only.

Marks and reports

Heard a confession on live stream? Add a mark! You won’t have to re-watch hours of footage again to spot it. Plus, marks are searchable. Hand out PDF printable reports with all the marks to all the interested.


Automate the recording completely: it’ll turn on and off at your schedule. A great help for scheduled classes. Cameras are even pan-tilt-zoom adjusted on schedule.

Easy administration and statistics

Control user access, how long the videos are kept on the server. Two-click reports e.g. on the number of children interviewed—for a particular police department, for domestic violence, by a particular worker.

Point’n’click intuitive

No installation required, just open your browser. Log in—see the permitted videos—press Play. Modular interface shows just what users need and hides all the extra. Clients say, they train new users in 10 minutes. And with all the functionality burden, it works Flash-fast! 😉

CD burn

Burn mp4 videos to CDs to hand out to a colleague department in minutes. Helps when a child interview video from an advocacy center is passed to police department for investigation. Keeps all the attached data, marks and notes!

Hardware controls

Want to stop recording right from the room? Just flip the switch. Interrogations must not be interrupted. So, the real “In use” sign highlights on top of the door when the recording starts


Unlimited number of users and cameras without the need for extensive IT resources & support. Easy to add cameras and facilities to the infrastructure without extra hardware.