PokemonGo for events

Holding a concert? Gamify it! Spread coins (burgers, hearts, whatever) in AR over the venue. Make your audience catching them like pokemons, then exchange to… a backstage visit, photo with a star, you name it. Fun + AR = success.

Sponsored discounts

Follow your favourite places and get special discounts. Works not just for concert halls, but for cafes, bars and others.

Augmented Reality

Caught a coin? Check your wallet—you may have earned a Mojito!

Live concert broadcasts

Watch concerts in HD video quality with HD audio quality. Up to 10 000 viewers with less than a second latency.

Loyalty system

Earn credits for easy jobs—e.g. read or comment news articles. Change to coupons for discounts or special offers.

News feed

Pick your interests from the list—1st thing they ask after log in. Music genres, carnivals, sports, gaming, movies, and more. Tap what you like—and get a Newsfeed on the topics. Really nice is an easy switch between posts swiping left-right.