The idea behind Cakemix app is to improve your running & workout experience by creating music playlists with custom BPM ranges.


The main challenge for the project was getting the correct BPM (beats per minute) for Apple Music song. Fortunately, Spotify provides the BPM so by matching Apple Music songs with Spotify songs we were able to obtain BPM for all songs.


We are proud to introduce next-gen music app, in which you can generate a playlist from your Apple Music and Spotify accounts and improve workouts with the right music.


Since Cakemix streams music from your Spotify and Apple Music accounts, we focused on seamless integration with those services and easy to use music player and playlist generator.


With this project, we’ve put emphasis on functionality and the utility of the app. The interface should not be distracting yet still pleasing to the eye.

Listen as you
always do

Cakemix player is habitual, no need to learn new things. Just play and go!

Playlist Control

Add new songs, substitute current ones or simply delete them. Full playlist controls at your fingertips.